The highly qualified technicians available to EnMax can install many major brands of UPS units and provide turnkey operation for those installations. Removal of all brands of UPS systems is available, which includes associated battery removal and disposal services.


EnMax works with many major battery manufacturers and can source virtually any replacement cells. Batteries can be replaced on-site and the system brought back on line.

We can arrange for the transportation of waste batteries and will dispose of them in line with the processes identified in our Environmental Management System (EMS) per the Control of Pollution Act 1989.

The battery set is the key consumable within your Uninterruptible Power Supply or Standby Power System. They have a design life based on optimum site conditions and an expected number of charge-discharge cycles. A five year design life battery will probably require replacement within year 4 and a ten year design life battery within year 7. While many UPS and standby power systems automatically test their batteries, nothing matches a visual inspection and comprehensive on-site testing.

EnMax's in-depth battery maintenance provides on-site testing to assess and report on the performance and availability of the battery set. During testing we will check individual cell condition, total battery capacity and the remaining reliable operational life.