Products — Powersmiths

All buildings can contribute to energy conservation, environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Powersmiths power distribution and energy management products can:

  • Reduce electrical waste
  • Improve power quality
  • Help you monitor and manage energy use
  • Contribute to a greener environment

Don't be blindsided by first cost. Your electrical distribution system has an expected lifespan of twenty-five to forty years. What good does saving a few thousand dollars in first cost do, if your lifetime operating costs are substantially higher? Powersmiths quality engineered solutions typically offer two or three year payback on their incremental cost and deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced lifecycle costs. By balancing first cost and operating cost, Powersmiths has optimized the design of its E-Saver-C3 and T1000-C3 transformers to minimize life cycle cost, deliver on going operational savings and lower greenhouse gas emissions by reducing electricity demand.


Energy & Power Management