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Since 1986, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. has manufactured precision-engineered Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to protect our customers' investments in their mission-critical equipment. Mitsubishi Electric's UPS systems are unsurpassed in reliability and efficiency. We are dedicated to developing the best UPS systems on the market, and provide unrivaled service for the lifetime of your UPS.

DiamondPlus 1100

DiamondPlus 1100

Module redundant, hot swappable UPS, with fully digital IGBT converter and inverter. Front access UPS with efficiency >93%.


9900A — Power ratings of 80 to 225 kVA

Fully Digital, IGBT Converter and Inverter, low Input THD with no leading Power Factor, small footprint and light weight. Up to 96.5% efficiency.


9900B — Power ratings of 300 to 750 kVA

Low Input THD with NO Leading Power Factor, Parallel up to 8 Modules Advanced Circuit Topology and PWM, up to 97% True On-Line Efficiency.