Static Transfer Switches — LayerZero Power Systems, Inc.

The 150A-800A LayerZero Power Systems Series 70: eSTS (web-Enabled Static Transfer Switch) is designed to provide uninterrupted electrical power to data center operations by reliably switching power between multiple power sources. Designed for maximum reliability and inspired by the safety recommendations of NFPA-70, the LayerZero Series 70: eSTS is ideal for data center processing operations. The LayerZero eSTS provides advanced power quality monitoring functionality, including real-time waveform capture, and makes this data remotely accessible utilizing open protocols.

LayerZero Static Transfer Switches utilize Triple Modular Redundancy, eliminating all single points of failure, increasing power reliability by orders of magnitude. An intuitive graphical user interface permits operators to quickly access power quality information.

Series 70: eSTS Static Transfer Switch

Download eSTS Specifications

LayerZero 150A-800A eSTS Features:


  • Triple modular redundancy (TMR)
  • Serialized circuit boards
  • Mechanical bypass interlock
  • Real-Time waveform capture
  • "Black box" forensic diagnostics
  • Voice guided bypass procedure
  • Insulated, epoxy coated buswork
  • Silver plated terminal connections
  • Maintenance-free joints
  • Helicoil & PEM inserts
  • Staggered heat sink arrangement
  • Fanless/fuseless operation
  • Optical fiber based controls
  • Isolated input interface


  • InSight IR portholes
  • Front-only access
  • Dead-front hinged doors
  • Clear Translucent Polycarbonate window to view LEDs
  • NFPA-70E inspired design


  • Ethernet
  • Modbus/TCP
  • NTP time clock synchronization

Information Centricity

  • Access to eBOSS portal
  • Project tracking
  • Incident logging
  • Access to test reports & documentation
  • Touch screen interface